Son Daekwon

Son Daekwon (Will Son)
Unit#501, Building 43, Zhongjiang 650 Avenue, Putuo District
Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, +86-132-6998-7705,
Academic Position
East China Normal University (Shanghai, China)
 Associate Professor(Aug, 2020 - Present)
Peking University (Beijing, China)
Ph.D. in International Relations (Supervisor: Wang Dong, June 2020, with distinction)
Dissertation: “竹幕”背后——朝鲜战争时期中国对外政策的内政基础
(Behind the Bamboo Curtain: Domestic Foundation of China’s Foreign Policy during the Korean War)
Peking University (Beijing, China)
Master in International Relations (Supervisor: Wang Zhengyi, June 2014)
Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan)
Exchange Student, Graduate school of Asia-Pacific Studies (Sep 2012-Feb 2013)
Korea University (Seoul, South Korea)
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Bachelor in International Studies (Feb 2011)
Professional Experience
• James A. Kelly Nonresident Fellow, Pacific Forum CSIS (Dec 2018-May 2019)
• KIM Jun-Yop Fellow, Institute of Social Science (Sep 2018-Aug 2019)
• Korea Foundation Fellow, Pacific Forum CSIS (May 2017-Dec 2017)
• 2016 Asia-Pacific Nuclear History Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center (Nov 2016)
Honor and Grants
• 北京大学优秀博士论文奖 PKU Best Ph.D. Dissertation Award (Jul 2020)
• 北京大学优秀毕业生奖 PKU Best Graduate Student Award (Jun 2020)
中国教育部优秀来华留学生奖学金 Ministry of Education Scholarship for International Student (Nov 2019)
方正奖学金 Founder Foundation Scholarship (Dec 2018)
三好学生奖励 PKU Merit Student Award (Dec 2018)
北京大学留学生学习优秀奖一等奖 PKU International Student Academic Award First Prize (Nov 2018)
北京大学创新奖 – 学术类 Exceptional Award for Academic Innovation (Dec 2017)
章文晋奖学金 ZHANG Wenjin Scholarship (Dec 2017)
三好学生奖励 PKU Merit Student Award (Dec 2017)
三好学生奖励 PKU Merit Student Award (Oct 2016)
五四奖学金 May-Fourth Scholarship (Oct 2016)
中国政府奖学金 Chinese Government Scholarship – Chinese University Program (Sep 2015-Jul 2020)
北京大学留学生学习优秀奖 PKU International Student Academic Award and Grant (Nov 2013)
光宙奖学金 Guangzhou Scholarship for Academic Excellence (Nov 2013)
• EAUI Campus Asia Program Scholarship (Sep 2012)
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (in English)
• [Online First] “Bringing North Korea to the Negotiating Table: Unstable Foundations of Kim Jong-un’s North
Korean Regime,” International Relations of the Asia-Pacific (SSCI, 2018 IF: 1.23).
• “Sino-DPRK Geopolitical Curse behind Kim Jong-un’s Olive Branch,” Pacific Focus, Vol. 35, No. 1 (April
2020), pp. 29-58, with Jang Youngduk (SSCI, 2018 IF: 0.38).
• “Domestic Instability as a Key Factor Shaping China's Decision to Enter the Korean War,” The China Journal,
Vol. 83 (January 2020), pp. 34-57 (SSCI, 2018 IF: 2.65).
• “Evolution of North Korea’s Peace Treaty Proposals and Sino-DPRK Relations behind the Scene,” Korea
Observer, Vol. 50, No. 4 (Winter 2019), pp. 505-533 (SSCI, 2018 IF: 0.20).
• “Flawed Assumption in Pro-Nuclear Arguments and South Korea’s Strategic Choice,” Asian Perspective, Vol.
43, No. 1 (Winter 2019), pp. 123-144 (SSCI, 2018 IF: 0.50).
• “Who Restrains Who?:Sino-DPRK Strategic Interaction During the Second Nuclear Crisis,” The Korean Journal
of Defense Analysis, Vol. 130, No. 2 (June 2018), pp. 153-168, with Song Wenzhi (SSCI, 2018 IF: 0.20).
• “Did Deng’s China Follow A Developmental State Model?: A Study of State Autonomy and State Capacity
during the Deng Xiaoping’s Era,” The Journal of Northeast Asian Research, Vol. 28, No.1 (2013), pp. 225-256.
Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles (in Korean)
• “앵거스 워드(Angus I. Ward)사건: 쐐기전략의 실패와 일변도 정책의 형성 (The Ward Case: A
Failure of Wedge Strategy, and a Move to China’s “Leaning-to-One-Side” Policy),” Sino-Soviet Affairs, Vol. 41,
No. 2 (August 2017), pp. 109-150.
• “주한미군 사드(THAAD) 배치 결정에 대한 북한의 보도행태 및 전략적 함의: 『로동신문』과
『우리민족끼리』기사를 중심으로 (An Analysis of North Korean Media's Coverage of the THAAD
Deployment and Its Strategic Implications: With Special Reference to Rodong Sinmun and Uriminzokkiri),” with
Ahn Seul Ki, East Asian Studies, Vol. 36, No.1 (2017), pp. 63-101.
중국 서부의 지역별 투자적합도 및 투자 현황 비교분석: 한국과 대만 사례를 중심으로 (A
Comparative Analysis of Investment Suitability and its Efficiency in Western China: Special Reference to Korean
and Taiwanese Cases),” with Lee Kyungjin, and Lee Jinsang, Journal of China Studies, Vol. 15 (2013) pp. 109-
Book Review
• [Forthcoming] The Hijacked War: The Story of Chinese POWs in the Korean War, By David Cheng Chang.
Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2020, Pacific Affairs, Vol. 94, No. 1 (March 2021) (SSCI, 2018 IF: 0.86).
A Misunderstood Friendship: Mao Zedong, Kim Il-Sung, and Sino-North Korean Relations, 1949-1976, by
Zhihua Shen and Yafeng Xia. New York: Columbia University Press, 2018, The China Journal, Vol. 83 (January
2020), pp. 204-206 (SSCI, 2018 IF: 2.65).
Current Projects
• “Mao’s Erroneous Decision? China’s Decision to Cross the 38th Parallel Revisited,” [In Progress].
• “We are Brothers, Not Allies: Sino-DPRK Relations over Sino-ROK Diplomatic Normalization,” [In Progress].
Op-Ed Articles
• “I Visited the Chinese-North Korean Border. Here’s What I Found,” The National Interest, October 3 2018.3
• “Kim Jong-un’s Olympic Olive Branch to South Korea Reflects His Confidence – Not a Willingness to
Denuclearise,” South China Morning Post, January 9, 2018.
• “South Korea’s Search for Autonomy,” with Andrady Abrahamian, Lowy Interpreter, December 15, 2017.
• “Moving On: China Resolves THAAD Dispute with South Korea,” with Andray Abrahamian, 38 North,
November 9, 2017.
• “Xi Jinping Thought Vs. Deng Xiaoping Theory,” The Diplomat, October 25, 2017.
• “Interpreting Xi Jinping’s Power from the CCP 19th Party Congress,” PacNet, October 13, 2017.
• “Can China Curb North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions?,” The Diplomat, August 22, 2017.
• “What Does North Korea Think of China's 'Dual Freeze' Proposal?,” The Diplomat, July 25, 2017.
• “China's North Korea Solution: A PLA Publication Helps Explain China’s Priorities and Strategy for the Korean
Peninsula.,” The Diplomat, July 21, 2017.
“‘4月攻朝论’如何看? (How to Look at the Rumor about April Crisis),” Cankaoxiaoxi, April 17, 2017.
“韩日慰安妇协议: 仍未弥合的分歧 (Korea-Japan Comfort Women Agreement: Not Yet Settle a Feud),”
China Newsweek, No. 2, 2016, pp. 33-35.
“中国看世界的心态还需历练 (China’s World View Still Needs to be More Trained),” International Herald
Leader, Vol. 829, No. 33, April 21, 2016, p.18.
“伊核问题解决了,下一个该朝核了?(Iran Nuke’s Done. Is it North Korea’s Turn?),” Guanchazhe, June 22,
Conferences and Presentations
• “Pouting Lips and Grinding Teeth: Sino-DPRK Relations behind Pyongyang’s Volte-face,” in FES-KISA 10th
Annual Conference (Seoul, Nov, 2018)
• The 11th CSCAP General Conference (Chiang Mai, Dec 14-15, 2017)
• Northeast Asia Regional Young Leaders Security Seminar (Seoul, Nov 27-28, 2017)
• The 4th CSCAP Study Group on Nonproliferation and Disarmament in the Asia-Pacific (Hanoi, Oct 26-27, 2017)
• Northeast Asia History Meeting (Honolulu, Jun 22-23, 2017)
• US-ROK-Japan Trilateral Strategic Dialogue (Maui, Jun 19-21, 2017)
• “China’s Counter Terrorism Policy and Global Governance,” in Beijing Graduate Student Forum (Beijing, Dec,
• “Where to Invest? Comparative Study of Korean and Taiwanese FDI toward China,” in Beijing University
Graduate Student Forum (Beijing, Mar, 2014)
• “Did Deng Xiaoping Lay the Foundation for Development Trajectory of China?,” in Beijing Graduate Student
Forum, Beijing, China (Beijing, Dec, 2013)
• “Is China Sustainable?: New Engine for Sustainable Development,” in 3rd Seminar of Beijing School of
Economic and Political Science, Beijing, China (Beijing, May, 2012)
Language Skills
• Korean (Native)
• English (Academic Fluency in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)
• Mandarin Chinese (Academic Fluency in Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening)