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Pan Xingming

Pan Xingming

Pan Xingming

Pan Xingming

Pan, Xingming

Professor of History and Political Science, European and Russian Studies;

Director, Center for European Studies

President, Academic Council

School of Advanced International and Area Studies,

East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Nanjing University, MA 1986/PhD 1998

Office Address: 

Science Building, Room A407-1

East China Normal University, Shanghai, 200062, CHINA





Field of Study: 

British Studies and Modern Europe

Areas of Research/Interest: 

EU Studies;history of theBritish Empire and Commonwealth; Russian Studies;Sino-Foreign relations.

Curriculum Vitae


Pan, Xingming was majored in English Language and Literatures in his undergraduate studies, and received his MA and Ph. D in World History in Nanjing University. He was the visiting scholar at Grinnell College (Iowa) and Harvard University. In 1986, He started teaching at Nanjing University, Donghua University and then in 2008 came to the School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal School. He is Professor of Center for Russian Studies, Director of Center for European Studies, President of Academic Council, School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China.

His research interest was at first on the British political history, focusing on Sir Robert Peel and His founding of the Conservative Party. Then he started studying the issues in the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth, including WWII and Australian and Canada, democratic reforms in South Africa, and Winston Churchill and the decolonization. He also worked on the history of Sino-foreign relations. At the moment, his study concentrate on three topics: the historical perspective of the governance of Empires; Russias relations with other BRICS countries; Arctic studies. He just finished a monograph on the governance of Empires and will be published soon in 2014.

Selected Works:


His recently main publications and conference papers include: “Values ​​diplomacy and superposition of interests”: the EU Strategy in Central Asia”,(2013); “Decolonization and transformation of European diplomacy”,(2012);The European citizenship under the global context”, (2012); Probe into the transformation from the British Empire to the Commonwealth of Nations,(2011);On the political governance of the British Empire”,(2013); A research of the Soviet disintegration from the perspective of the empire,(2011);A historical Survey of the relationship between Russia and South Africa”, (2012); AnNew exploration on the race issues of Capetown,(2013); “On the normalization of Sino-Canadian relations”,(2012); “Background of the International Issues of Arctic” (2012), “An Important Pillar for Prosperity and Stability of Asia-Pacific: China’s perception and position on the Cooperation in the development of the Russia’s Siberia and Far East” (2013), “Competition and Cooperation in Common Neignbourhood between EU and Russia”(2010), “On the Reasons of Britain- Russia Disputes”(2008), “On the Issue of ‘New Cold War’” (2008).