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Contact Information

School of Advanced International and Area Studies

East China Normal University

Science Building, No. 3663, Zhongshan Road (N.), Shanghai, 200062

Email: xinzhang999@gmail.com, xzhang@saias.ecnu.edu.cn


  • Ph.D. Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles (2010)
  • M.A.World Economy, Fudan University, Shanghai, China (2001)
  • B.A.World Economy, Fudan University, Shanghai, China(1997)
  • Russian Language Certificate, Moscow State University, Russia (2005)
  • Russian Language Program, Middlebury College Summer School (2004, 2005, 2006)


  • Faculty Fellow/Assistant Professor, School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University (since 2012)
  • Research Associate, Center for Russian Studies, Center for Co-development with Neighboring Countries (Shanghai University-Based Think Tank) (since 2012)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science, Reed College, Oregon, US (2010- 2012)
  • Lecturer, Department of World Economy, Fudan University, Shanghai, China (2000-2001)

Research Interests

Comparative Political Economy, International Development, Russia and Eurasia, Corporate Foreign Policy, Global Governance


Scramble for Control: Market, Law and Corporate Property Conflicts in Russia (Advisor: Daniel Treisman)


  • Forthcoming, “Leviathan Rebuilt after Neoliberalism: state capitalism in China and Russia”, Osteuropa, August 2015. (in German and English)
  • Forthcoming, “Re-politicization of Russian Politics”, Russia Analytic Digest, June 2015, No. 168.
  • “Чего хочет Азия? Потребление, наращивание взаимосвязей, капитал и талант” Тимофей Бордачёв, Анастасия Лихачева, Чжан Синь. Russia in Global Affairs. No.1, 2015.  (The English version is published as “What Asia wants, or the Four C’s: Consumption, Connectivity, Capital & Creativity” with Timofey Bordachev and Anastasia Likhacheva. Valdai Paper No. 01, 2014, Valdai Foundation, Russia)
  • “The Theoretical Implications of the Ukrainian Crisis”, with FENG Shaolei, World Economics and Politics《世界经济与政治》 (No. 6, 2014): 45-55. (in Chinese)
  • “The Myths of “energy empire”, “energy superpower”, and “energy diplomacy””, Russian Studies 《俄罗斯研究》 (No.6, Dec. 2013): 12-31. (in Chinese)
  • “State Capitalism, Privatization and Elite Conflict: the dual logics of ‘state-capital’ relations in Russia”, Russian Studies《俄罗斯研究》 (No. 6, Dec. 2012): 85-105. (in Chinese)
  • “Asymmetrical Partnership: the Impact of Sino-Russian Energy Cooperation on EU-Russia Relations”, in Divided States: Strategic Divisions in EU-Russia Relations, edited by Scott N. Romaniuk and Marguerite Marlin, disserta Verlag, Hamburg, Germany (2012): 264-302.
  • “Natural Resources, Geopolitical Economy and Eurasianism in Russia”, National Interests大观》 (vol.3, 2010). (in Chinese)
  • “Civil Society and the Anatomy of a Rural NGO”, with Richard Baum, The China Journal (July, 2004: 97-107). An extended version is included in Associations and the Chinese State: Contested Spaces,edited by Jonathan Unger, M. E. Sharpe (2008): 200-215.
  • “‘Civil Society Revisited: the Anatomy of a Rural NGO in Qinghai”, with Richard Baum, inGrass-roots Democracy in India and China: The Right to Participate, edited by Memoranda Mohanty et al., Sage Press (2007): 123-140.
  • “Anti-predatory-pricing Law and Price Wars in China”, Modern Economic Science《现代经济科学》 (No 5, 2000). (in Chinese)
  • “Interest Parity, Capital Flow, and the Determination of RMB Exchange Rate”, with Zhu Ruimin, Finance Science《财经科学》 (No 6, 1999). (in Chinese)


  • With Li Jing. Richard Lachmann. States and Power. Polity Press (2010). Chinese version: 理查德×拉克曼《国家与权力》, 上海人民出版社, 2013

Media and Public Policy

  • Participant, “Second China-Japan Young Leaders Forum”, Fujitsu Research Institute and National University of Singapore, Tokyo, Japan (2014).
  • Columnist, by-weekly column on Russian politics and international affairs in Oriental Morning Post, a key Chinese newspaper (since 2007).
  • Member of the committee for editorial, “The Paper” new media project, Shanghai (since 2013).
  • Recent TV/Radio appearance: Russian Today, Voice of Russia/Sputnik News, China Business Network, CCTV News, CCTV BizAsia, Dragon TV, Phoenix Television, International Channel of Shanghai,Shenzhen Cable Channel.
  • Assistant editor, US-China Media Brief, UCLA Asian American Studies Center (2009-2010).
  • Participant, U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium, National Committee on United States-China Relations, Washington D.C. (2004).

Policy Consultation Project

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: “The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Admission of India and Pakistan into Shanghai Cooperation Organization” (2014).
  • China Development Bank: “New Silk Road Economic Belt: the dimension of energy cooperation” (2013).

Grants, Fellowships and Honors (selected)

  • Selected by Wenhuibao as one of the 12 emerging scholars in humanities and social sciences in Shanghai.
  • First Prize Award, Young Scholars Research Contest, Shanghai Association of European Studies, for the paper “The Long Shadow of Mass Privatization” (2014).
  • Selected by the India-China Institute (The New School, US) as one of five Emerging Scholars in India-China Studies in 2013.
  • Stillman Drake Faculty Development Grant, Reed College (2011-2012).
  • Bernard Goldhammer Summer Collaborative Grant, Reed College (Summer, 2011).
  • Book Fellowship, China Development Bank and East China Normal University (2010-2012).
  • Young Scholar Award, Association of Private Enterprise Education (2010)
  • International Dissertation Field Research Fellowship, Social Science ResearchCouncil, New York (2006-07)

Conference Presentations and Invited Talks (recent 5 years)

  • “Comparative Politics of Development in China and Russia: implication for good democracy”, Sungkyunkwan University, Department of Political Science & Diplomacy, Seoul, South Korea (2014).
  • “Sino-Russian Relations in the New World Order”, Korea Institute for National Unification, Seoul, South Korea (2014).
  • “When ‘Good Governance’ Meets ‘Global Governance”, Conference “Global Governance in Unsustainable World”, Higher School of Economics, Moscow (2013).
  • “When the Flag Follows Trade: Global Expansion of Russian Energy Firms under State Capitalism”, The 13th Aleksanteri Conference “Russia and the World”, University of Finland, Helsinki (2013).
  • “Institutional and Cultural Interpretation of Internationalization Strategies of Russian State and Business”, National Development and Reform Commission, Beijing (2013).
  • “Governance Models of State Capitalism and Overseas Expansion”, Emerging Scholars Symposium, India-China Institute, The New School, New York (2013); Higher School of Economics, Moscow (2013).
  • “Nesting, Overlapping, or Parallel: the Multiplicity of Cooperation in Asia Pacific”, International Conference “The Transformation of International Regime: Russia and China in Asia Pacific”, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai (2012).
  • “The Return of Putin”, Department of International Relations, Tsinghua University, Beijing (2012).
  • “Governing National Oil Companies in Emerging Economies”, International Conference on Emerging Economies, Pune, India (2012), School of Advanced International and Area Studies, East China Normal University, Shanghai (2011).
  •  “Law and Social Conflict: Evidence from Russian Corporate Conflicts”, ASEEES, Washington, D.C. (2011). 
  • “Varieties of State Capitalism: Political Economy of Russian and Chinese Sovereign Wealth Funds”, APSA, Seattle (2011). 
  • “Asymmetric Partnerships: Impact of Sino-Russian Energy Cooperation on EU-Russia relations”, 16th Annual ASN World Convention, New York (2011).
  • “‘Civilized Market’, Ethic Discourse, and Russia’s Economic Transition”, AAASS, Boston (2009). 

Teaching Experience 

  • Faculty Fellow, East China Normal University (since 2013)
  • Master-level courses for Chinese students: “Research Methods and Research Design”, “Russian Studies”, “Comparative Politics” (taught in English)
  • Undergraduate course for international students: “Chinese Government, Politics and Policy” (taught in English)
  • Adjunct Professor, Fudan University (2014)
  • Master-level Course for international students: “Sino-Russian relations and Russian politics” (taught in English)
  • Visiting Professor, Higher School of Economics, Moscow (2013)
  • Course: “Political Economy of China and India: a comparative perspective” (taught in English)
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Political Science, Reed College (2010-2012)
  • Courses: “Political Economy of Development”, “Property Rights in Politics, Market and Law”, “Comparative Politics” and “From Communism to Capitalism” 
  • Senior Thesis Advising (four students)
  • Teaching Fellow (Instructor), Political Science, UCLA (2008)

Upper Division Seminar “Property Rights in Transition” 

  • Teaching Assistant and Teaching Associate, Political Science and International Development Studies, UCLA (2002-2006)
  • Instructor, Fudan University, Shanghai (2000-2001)

Professional Activities

  • Assistant to the Dean, School of Advanced International and Area Studies

East China Normal University, Shanghai (since 2014).

  • Member on the Editorial Board, Russian Studies 《俄罗斯研究》, Center for Russian Studies, East China Normal University (since 2013).
  • Organizer for International Conferences and Workshops
  • “First Annual Workshop for Chinese and Russian Academic Elites: Eurasian Moment in World Politics” (2014);  
  • “Central and South Asia Strategic Crossroads”, jointly with Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies-US National Defense University, Shanghai, China (2013); 
  • “Identity in the Era of Globalization: China, Russia and Beyond”, jointly with Valdai International Discussion Club, Shanghai, China (2013).
  • Conference Chair: Aleksanteri Conference, University of Finland  (2013); MPSA (2009).
  • Conference Discussant: “Developing Asia Pacific’s Last Frontier”, National University of Singapore (2013); ASEEES (2013); APSA (2011, 2010); MPSA (2008), Political Economy Annual Conference, Beijing University (2012, 2013, 2014).
  • Reviewer for peer-reviewed journals and press: Problems of Post-CommunismInternational Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Taylor & Francis, Eluosi yanjiu (Chinese) 


  • Languages: Chinese (native), Russian (proficient), Spanish and Japanese (basic)
  • Software: Stata