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ZANG Shumei

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ZANG Shumei

Curriculum Vitae

ZANG Shumei

Lecturer/Research Fellow of International Relations in the School of Advanced International and Area Studies in East China Normal University (Shanghai, China) since 2009.

-PhD of Human Geography of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France2009.

Dissertation title of PhDLa politique régionale européenne: réformes, impacts et exemplarité. 2009.

-PhD of Judicial Science of East China Normal UniversityECNU, China2009.

Email: zangshumei@qq.com


Visiting scholar in many European universities and institutes: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (2014, 2018), Institute of International Relations in Prague (2016), Polish Institute of International Affairs in Warsaw (2016) and Antall Jozsef Knowledge Center in Budapest (2016)

Organizer of 13 International Conferences on Sino-France Culture and History and several other big international conferences with Germany and USA 


Graduate courses 

-Comparative Studies on EU’s Regional Policy and Chinese Regional Policy in ENS-Lyon of France (2014, 2018) and in ECNU of China2015-2018

-Political Sciences and History of International Relations2009-2012


-Chinese (Native language)

-French (Fluently)

-English (Fluently)


Research Topics:

-EU’s Regional Policy and Chinese regional policy

-Geopolitics of Central and Eastern Europe Countries (CEEC)

-Migration policy of the Mediterranean Union

-Sino-Europe relationship and Sino-France relationship


Main publications:

  1. The Migration Policy System of the Mediterranean Union and its Reaction to the Refugee Crisis, Social Sciences, vol.2 2018.
  2. “Multiculturalism in EuropeThe dilemma and the future” in The EU in the Changing Global OrderChallenges and Prospects,Issued by Center for China-EU Relations, Fudan University & Shanghai Institute for European Studies,June 2018.
  3. Meeting Reviews of “The Political Economy of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative and South Asia”, Social Sciences Abroad, vol.1, 2016.

4.  Meeting Reviews of “The Political Economy of China’s Maritime Silk Road Initiative, Africa, and the Middle East”, Social Sciences Abroad, vol.1, 2018.

5. Study on the Economic, Social and Territorial Impacts of the EU’s Regional Policy, German Studies, vol.3, 2011.

6. Characteristics and Tendency of the Reform of the EU’s Regional Policy, Modern Economic Research, vol.6, 2009.

7. Reform and Development of the EU’s Regional Policy: in the Context of the Enlargements, The Journal of Shanghai Administration Institute, vol.3, 2009.

8. Study of the European Regionalization: Poland as a Case, World Regional Studies, vol.2, 2009.

9. Study on the Immigration problems and the Migration policy of the Mediterranean Union, Economic Geography, vol.9, 2010.

10. Study on the Political Culture in the Transition Period in Russia, Lanzhou Academic Journal, vol.3, 2009.

11. Origin and Development of the Contemporary Italian Diplomacy, in ZHOU Baowei and CHENG Jian, Origin and Development of the Diplomatic Policies of the Big European Countries, Press of East China Normal University, 2009.


Main Research Programs:

1. 2019-2021, Program of Ministry of Education: Multiculturalism in EuropeDilemma and Future.

2. 2019-2021, JORISS Program between ENS Lyon and ECNU: Interactions between European Union and China regarding the Belt and Road Initiative: Perspectives and Practices in Central and Eastern Europe.

3. 2017-2018, Program on Central and Eastern European Studies.

4.2010-2012, Programs on Sino-Europe-Africa studies.