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    LIU Jun, Professor, Ph.D, Dean of School of Advanced International and Area Studies, ECNU. From 2005 to 2006, Professor Liu worked as a Visiting Scholar at Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics, University of Virginia, USA. In 2007, Professor Liu got a Research Fellow at East West Center, University of Hawaii, USA. Also he worked at Giessen University, Germany as a visiting scholar in 2007. From June to December, 2010, Professor Liu worked at Center for International Security Studies, Yale University, USA. Professor Liu has written a number of articles published in key journals on international studies. His mainly research focus on Russia and great power relations, Chinese Diplomacy, NATO Studies.

    LIU JUN, Bi Hongye, Russia EU Relations and China’s Eurasia Strategy, Shishi Press, 2015

    LIU JUN, Russia US Relations and It’s Impact to Chinese Diplomacy Environment, Foreign Affairs Observer, Issue 3 2014

    The New Development of Chinese Contemporary Strategy, Shanghai Renmin Press, 2014

    LIU JUN, The Emergence of Russian Anti-Americanism and its Root Cause after the Cold War, Pacific Journal, Issue 1, 2012

    LI XING, LIU JUN, An Analysis of the Russia US Games from the Perspective of Domestic Politics, Shishi Press, 2011

    LIU JUN, The National Positioning of Russia and Its Foreign Policy, Heilongjiang Renmin Press, 2011