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CCTV News China24 :Crossover: Xi Jinping attends victory commemorations in Moscow



Full coverage: Xi visits Russia, Kazakstan and Belarus

Joining us now live from Shanghai is Mr. Zhang Xin, research fellow at the School of Advanced International and Area Studies of East China Normal University.

Q1. It's the fifth time China's Honor Guard has participated in a foreign country's parade... but it's the first time that the three branches of the Chinese People's Liberation Army are all taking part together in a Russian military parade. What does it mean for both China and Russia, and how significant is it for President Xi to attend Russia's World War Two anniversary events?

Q2. After the meeting between Xi and Putin on Friday, several deals were signed in the energy, transport, aerospace and finance sectors. Do you think this all signals a new stage in the two countries' relationship? And what role does Russia play in China's plan to become a global power?